June 4 – June 11, 2009 Edition

New Learning Library Gives Writers
Access to Biggest Names in Publishing

SANTA BARBARA/FRESNO, CA/DALLAS, TX–, (WE) a new online multimedia library of lessons, courses and insights from top publishing pros, will launch the beta version of the site on June 2, 2009. WE will feature instruction by such distinguished authors, editors and agents as Ray Bradbury, Gayle Lynds, Christopher Moore, Bob Mayer, Bonnie Hearn Hill, New York editor Stacey Barney, literary agent Andrea Brown, and many more.

WE, a sister site to, is sponsored in part by America’s leading writers’ conferences, including the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, Yosemite Writers conference and others, as content partners. Marcia Meier, SBWC executive director, and Nene Casares, Yosemite executive director, have taken the lead in extending their conference content to the digital world.

The mission is to provide writers with the power to connect share and grow with the digital publishing community. Attendees at participating conferences will be given the added advantage of free or discounted access to the new writing library.

“While there is no replacement for face-to-face conferences, our online and on-demand writing courses and lectures are the next best thing to being there,” said WE CEO Doris Booth. “WE gives writers at every level of expertise a low-cost way to tap into some of the best writing instruction available, anytime, and almost anywhere. Conference attendees can continue to refer to valuable conference sessions and other information for years to come.” will provide quick access to on-demand video and audio lessons and lectures, live courses, private mentoring, and important white papers and articles about the changing publishing industry. Pre-recorded on-demand content ranges from 5 minute mini-lessons to 90-minute lectures. Most on-demand items will feature FREE five- to-ten-minute previews. Live webinars run four to six weeks.

“WE gives writers the chance to learn and keep learning from the best authors, editors, and agents in the business-names we all know and revere-without leaving their homes, and forever after.” said Booth.

Using the latest state-of-the art Drupal technology, WE is priced with today’s tough economy and the shift to a digital environment in mind. The site will allow users to easily access content (some as low as little as $1.99), and to sign up for live, interactive on-screen webinars. Though on-demand content cannot be shared or downloaded, users will have perpetual access to the courses they buy, giving them the ability to access writing help anytime, anywhere. Later in the site’s development, users will also build “credits” for referring friends who make purchases on WE, and some pages (though initially not the Flash videos) will be accessible from some smart phones.

The site was developed by Dallas and Washington, D.C.-based Authorlink partners Doris Booth and Daniel Unger, together with Flash designer Jay Carbon. “The publishing industry has moved to a sophisticated digital environment. The new site fills a need for writers to obtain professional guidance from industry leaders,” said Booth, CEO of Authorlink.

“Our leading-edge technology will allow us to deliver educational content in a more productive way than ever,” said Vice President and Webmaster, Daniel Unger.

Users can glance at a calendar of events, check their time zones, visit and comment through the site’s blog, subscribe to news feeds, and join Authorlink’s growing Facebook and Myspace sites, with more than 5,000 friends. Authorlink, the parent site, attracts about a half-million visitors per year. Among the content types will be:

On Demand: On Demand lessons are prerecorded audio and video lectures. Users can access audio and video lectures anytime, day or night, as often as they like for up to 60 days. Lessons are priced as low as $1.99, but average $9.99.

Live Courses: live classes are webinars which include audio, two-way interaction and often video as well. These classes are taught by publishing professionals who have been invited to join our site as instructors. Course prices begin at $169, with single webinars at $89.

Private Mentoring: Real-time online private webinar meetings include audio, two-way interaction, and often video as well. Choose the coach and the editorial focus that’s right for you. Mentoring sessions start at $125 for an hour-long session. A one-time introductory consultation is also available at $49.

White Papers: Written articles to help users enhance their writing and find agents and publishers for their work. Users can access and print articles and book excerpts for as long as they like after purchase, some free or as low as $1.99.

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