April 15-30, 2004 Edition

New Chamberlain Bros.

Division at Penguin

Unveils First Titles

NEW YORK, NY/04/06/04—Carlo DeVito, founder and publisher of a new Penguin Group (USA) multi-faceted division, has unveiled his division’s name, Chamberlain Bros., and its first four titles—all under the Express Paperback imprint. The first book, DIRTY BOMB: WEAPON OF MASS DISRUPTION, by Gilbert King, is in stores this month. Chamberlain Bros. will publish hardcover titles (with and without CDs, software or DVDs) and paperback originals as well as Express Paperbacks and illustrated editions with about eight to ten titles expected to be published in 2004.

Under the Chamberlain Bros. umbrella, Mr. DeVito also plans to publish kit titles, which will be branded Roadside Attractions, with first titles expected in Winter 20045. The exciting array of Roadside Attractions releases will encompass kit products that offer engaging, interactive insights into everything from cooking and humor to history and arts and crafts.

On the naming of his division, DeVito said, “Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was a Civil War general. At the battle of Gettysburg, when Lee’s men advanced, he stood in a moment in time few people could equal. If Chamberlain won the day, he could literally save the Union, but if he failed, he could possibly lose the war. I think those of us in book publishing stand in the same spot today. With the Internet, television, radio, magazines and books, the media has never been a more exciting moment. And I think we have a chance to make some history. The Bros. angle is a small nod to my twin sons Dylan and Dawson.”

The Express line will follow the hottest stories making headlines in business, politics, world news, sports, arts and entertainment, among other categories. Its in-depth reporting on what people are talking about around the water cooler or at lunch when its hot—not nine months later, DeVito explained.

Other early titles from Express Paperbacks from Chamberlain Bros. will include 10 Secrets I Learned From The Apprentice by Brandon Toiropov and Beth Gottfried, about the reality TV show by the same name; The Most Dangerous Man in the World: Darwood Ibrahim by Gilbert King, about the richest gangster in the world; and The Angel of Death: The Charles Cullen Story by George Mair, the first book about the nurse who for 16 years killed 30 or 40 people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

DeVito founded his new Penguin Group (USA) division in March 2004. He previously invented the Mini Kits and brought new licenses to the Miniature Editions line during his tenure at Running Press, which began in 1997.