New York, NY – August 6, 2013This year marks the 20th anniversary of Arthur Klebanoff’s acquisition of the agency, which has sold over 25,000 books and 15,000 foreign licenses – with more than 1,500 titles remaining in print.

 “Scott Meredith was a pioneering literary agent of his time who quickly built and maintained one of the largest literary agencies in the world. It’s been a rewarding journey to continue nurturing the legacy he built,” said Arthur Klebanoff, president of Scott Meredith Literary Agency.

As an agent, Klebanoff has handled projects with over $1 billion in retail sales. Since acquiring the agency in 1993, he shifted its emphasis to nonfiction titles and has placed bestsellers for Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York), Bill Bradley (former Senator and Presidential Candidate), Linda Goodman (who popularized astrology with Sun Signs and Love Signs), Roger Tory Peterson (who popularized birding), Sheila Lukins (the goddess of The Silver Palate), Alex Haley (whose Roots changed the discourse about race in
America), Anthony Janson (Janson’s History of Art introduced millions to art appreciation), Paul Krugman (Nobel Prize winning economist and New York Times commentator), Mayo Clinic, Senator Chuck Schumer, Michel Thomas, whose programs reinvented language trainingand many others.

Klebanoff, a graduate of Harvard Law School (Law Review, 1972) and Yale University, is the author of The Agent: Personalities, Politics and Publishing, and the founder and CEO of RosettaBooks LLC, the leading independent eBook publisher.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the agency website has been updated:

About Scott Meredith Literary Agency: Scott Meredith’s journey started in 1946 with a one-room office and the renowned British humorist, P.G. Wodehouse as his first major client. After Scott Meredith’s death in 1993, Arthur Klebanoff bought the agency and brought with him his list of stellar clients. Corporate clients include Easton Press, the leading leather-bound book publisher. As co-founder and partner in the literary agency Morton L. Janklow Associates Inc, Klebanoff worked over a 10-year period on more than 30 seven-figure book deals, most involving commercial fiction. As founder of RosettaBooks in 2001, Klebanoff became one of the first agents to enter the eBook publishing business and today is CEO of the leading independent eBook publisher.