September 14 – September 21, 2006 Edition

Market Tip
John Warner’s
Book First in New
F&W Humor Imprint

CINCINNATI, OH/9/13/2006—JF&W Publications, publisher of special interest magazines and books in a broad variety of consumer enthusiast categories, has just released the first in a line of humor books to be published under its new imprint called Tow Books.

The launch title, Encyclopedia Brown and the Mysterious Presidency of George W. Bush, is written by John Warner, who also serves as the new imprint’s editor as well as editor of the online publication, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Writer’s Digest, one of F&W’s publications, last year published Warner’s Fondling Your Muse: Infallible Advice from a Published Author to a Writerly Aspirant.

The Cincinnati-based publisher will release about three humor titles per year. Following Warner’s title in 2007 will be will be Guide to Sudoku by Kevin Federline.

Jane Friedman, editorial director for the F&W imprints Writer’s Digest Books, and How Books, will also direct the new Tow Books.

The Company publishes almost 60 magazine titles, has nearly 3,000 books in print under various imprints and owns and operates numerous book clubs.