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June 1-15, 2004 Edition GENERAL NEWS Today’s Woman

To Launch

Seniors’ Magazine

Louisville, KY/05/24/04—Zion Publications LLC, publisher of Today’s Woman magazine, will a new publication aimed at senior citizens and caregivers. The quarterly magazine, named Today’s Transitions, is set for launch in July.

The quarterly magazine will be targeted to Jefferson County residents between 45 and 64 years old with household incomes of at least $75,000. The initial launch will include direct mail to 25,000 households.

Niche Media Forms

Joint Venture

to Distribute DVD/CDS

NEW YORK, NY/05/17/04—Niche Media Ventures, Inc. (Pink Sheets:NTVI) today announced a joint venture under which the company will repackage, bundle, market and secure new distribution channels for more than 300 specialized DVD and CD titles owned by Long Island Disc Corp, Inc.

Long Island Disc Corp currently sells genre titles such as Westerns, science fiction and martial arts movies through budget outlets. NMV will leverage its relationships with major retailers such as Barnes & Nobles, FYE, Virgin, Borders and to expand market distribution. NMW will also arrange for rack distribution in convenience stores, provide capital to create special packaging such as bundling two movies on one DVD, and assist Long Island Disc Corp in additional content acquisition focusing initially on Hollywood titles. NMV will earn a percentage on each DVD sale.

A portion of the agreement authorizes the company both to use and resell Long Island Disc Corp’s DVD authoring and replication services. NMV plans to use those capabilities to offer competitively priced packaging services for other DVD content owners and thereby establish a presence in the budget DVD market, as well as to generate add-on revenues from NMV’s niche customers.

“NMV is giving us a means of significantly expanding our core business without capital risk,” said Long Island Disc Corp President Arjan Singh. “By combining their resources and extensive distribution network with our digital assets and our successful racking business, we expect both companies to reap substantial benefits.”

“This relationship gives us a strong foothold in the budget content market and an important building block for pursuing our strategy of expanding into the straight-to-DVD business,” said NMV CEO David Shapiro. “It underscores our ability to use our established distribution network to generate profits out of low-cost goods, as well as to create strong connections between services and niche markets.”

About Niche Media Ventures, Inc.

NMV provides an important link between technology, entertainment and the capital markets for the New Media marketplace. Its broad-based distribution, proprietary web technology, and relationships within both the music and film industries offer a platform for providing recurring revenues capable of supporting development of multiple niche projects. The Company focuses on developing projects for the fast-growing home theater market, leveraging its infrastructure to develop entertainment projects at a fraction of their traditional cost, and forming relationships with niche media companies which can provide ongoing marketing opportunities and a passionate fan-base for NMV’s products and services. For more information, visit

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