Publishing News


June 15-30, 2004 Edition PEOPLE Berger Named Scholastic VP

NEW YORK, NY/06/07/04—Ellie Berger, Scholastic’s publisher of licensed products and deputy publisher, now has the added role of senior vice president, assuming a post previously held by Michael Jacobs. She reports directly to Barbara Marcus. Berger is a 19-year veteran employee of the company.

Horgan Leaves Warner

NEW YORK,NY/06/01/04—Rick Horgan, longtime executive editor of Warner Business Books has reportedly been laid off and likely will not be replaced. His current projects apparently have been parceled out to other editors at Warner. No other information was available at press time.

William Manchester Dies at 82

NEW YORK, NY/06/07/04—Bestselling historian William Manchester, 82, died in his sleep at home June 6. Publisher Little, Brown said it would go forward with publication of the long-awaited third volume of the Winston Churchill biography, The Lion in Winter. Mancester had chosen a co-author, Paul Reid, to finish the third volume. Reid, who has access to Mancester’s detailed outline and notes, plans to finish the book within about two years.