December 1-15, 2005 Edition

Doubleday’s New

Division Aimed

At Bestsellers

New York, NY/11/21/05—Doubleday/Broadway Books, a unit of Random House, will form yet another division to focus on a mix of literary fiction and quality nonfiction titles that perform as frontlist and backlist bestsellers.

Group President Steve Rubin said Random House has long sought to establish a new publishing house that would complement and enhance existing publishing programs. The line is expected to produce 30 hardcovers and 40 trade paperback titles per year.

Cindy Spiegel and Julie Grau, both formerly with Penguin’s Riverhead, will join Doubleday Broadway on November 28 as co-publishers and editors of the new unit. Both were co-publishers and editors of Riverhead since it was established in 1995 and had been with Penguin since 2003.