November 30 – December 7, 2006 Edition

DC Comics’ New

Graphic Novel Line

Aimed at Young Girls

NEW YORK, NY/11/30/06—DC Comics will introduce MINX, a new line of graphic novels for teenaged girls in May 2007. The line is aimed at smart, sophisticated young women who are interested in more than going out with cute guys.

Karen Berger, a senior vice president at DC Comics, was quoted in the New York Times (November 27, 2006) as saying: “It’s time we got teenage girls reading comics. This line of books gives them something to read that honors their intelligence and assertiveness and individuality.”

The first Minx novel to be released will be THE P.L.A.I.N. JANES by Cecil Castellucci, with illustrations by Jim Rugg. The story is about a young high school student who launches a campaign to get people to appreciate art in neighborhoods.

Among the first six titles will be CLUBBING, about a young, fun-loving London girl who solves a mystery; GOOD AS LILY, the story of a young woman who meets three versions of herself at various ages; and RE-GIFTERS, the story of a Korean-American teen who practices martial arts.

DC Comics has a strategic marketing partnership with Alloy Marketing + Media to help promote the new line. Alloy Entertainment, a division of the marketing unit, has helped make books such as Gossip Girls and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants into huge successes. Alloy plans to use online reader reviews, discussions and other Internet techniques to push the titles, as well as advertising on school book covers and in mail order catalogues.

The May release of THE P.L.A.I.N. JANES will be followed by one book a month.

DC Comics, a subsidiary of Time Warner, is one of the largest American comic book companies. It is responsible for such characters as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and others. The company is rivaled in the U.S. only by Marvel Comics.