February 14 – February 21, 2008 Edition

Bowker Launches

Real-Time Catalogue

Sharing System

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ/2/12/08–Bowker, the global leader in bibliographic information management, last week announced the launch of a pilot project to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the publishing supply chain by using the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to enable "real-time" exchange of product catalog data between book publishers, distributors, and retailers.

The GDSN is a more structured way to deliver data than existing methods that rely on a variety of formats, technologies and processes. It provides an environment where standards-based data is exchanged electronically throughout an entire global supply chain, reducing supply chain errors with information that is accurate, up-to-date and compliant to industry standards.

Bowker’s pilot project, which will be carried out with support from the independent Book Industry Study Group (BISG), is designed to explore not only the basic GDSN functionality, but also the ease with which GDSN usage can fit with the existing systems and processes of participating trading partners.

"It is a constant challenge for publishers to provide wholesalers, distributors and retailers with accurate data, and approaching real-time response levels is difficult. GDSN has the potential to leverage existing industry data standards and accelerate buyer access to item data from publishers’ catalogs," said Ian Singer, senior vice president of data services for New Providence, N.J.-based Bowker. "Our goal with the pilot program is to demonstrate, by way of executing against specific business requirements related to the book industry supply chain, that GDSN is a practical solution to this challenge."

According to Singer, this pilot program will offer a solid foundation upon which future book industry-specific GDSN implementations may evolve because the pilot participants are well-respected industry leaders. Bowker is collaborating with both 1SYNC and TIE Commerce to support the technical implementation and infrastructure of the pilot.

1SYNC, a not for profit subsidiary of the industry standards organization GS1 US, is the global leader in synchronizing data across global supply chains and has a collaborative community of more than 4,000 trading partners implemented within the GDSN. TIE Commerce delivers TIE Kinetix™, a powerful electronic framework for business collaboration with software solutions for business-to-business integration, master data management and data synchronization. With more than two decades of experience in electronic commerce, TIE Commerce’s solutions now serve over 4,500 customers worldwide.

Industry participants include three leading publishing houses, including Hachette Book Group USA and Random House, Inc., two wholesalers, including Levy Home Entertainment, and three large retailers, including Wal-Mart, who actively transact using GDS.

About Bowker

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