Jan 23 – Jan 29, 2012 Edition BISG Presents Royalty Reporting Format

BISG and the international standards organization EDItEUR have been developing standardized computer-to-computer message formats for royalty reporting between licensees and licensors or their agents.

As part of this ongoing initiative, a model of the data content and structure that might be used as the basis for future computer-to-computer royalty reporting messages has now been published.  The document can be downloaded from the BISG website.

The aim of this draft is to provide the underlying data elements needed for the development of royalty reporting message formats that meet different application requirements.  BISG and EDItEUR intend to test the model through a pilot message exchange using subsets of its  content.

Much of this work was based on an analysis of actual royalty reports made available to EDItEUR in confidence by a number of publishers and agents in the US and the UK, whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

Click here to learn more about the proposed pilots.