June 26 – July 3, 2008 Edition

Barnes & Noble Stock

In Bearish Downtrend,

Analysis Web Site Says

NEW YORK, NY/6/23/2008– Stocks for Barnes & Noble(BKS), the world’s largest bookseller, are in a long term downward (Bearish) trend, according to, a stock analysis web site. A look at B&N’s performance over the last 100 days shows a decline of -20.14%, lower than 70% of all stocks the site tracks. A short-range look at the last 20 days shows a decline of -10.84%, again performing more poorly than 70% of the other stocks tracked. says Barnes & Noble has had revenue growth of 1.1%

B&N’s “Bearish Phase” was determined by comparing long term trends with short term price action to explain the current phase of the market. According to this indicator, Barnes & Noble stock “is in the Bearish Phase. This indicates the stock is in a downtrend, as more sellers enter the market and push prices down. The short term trend indicator, which only look sat a 10-20 day time frame also shows Barnes & Noble in a “strongly Bearish” or downward phase. characterizes both the 100-day and 20-day performance record as “average.” The bookseller’s stock has recovered 2.3% from its recent low price of 25.01 which occurred on March 4, 2008, the site says.