July 1 – July 6, 2006 Edition

Authorlink Rolls Out
All New Web Marketing Site
for Writers, Publishers, Agents

DALLAS/NEW YORK/June 19, 2006—, among the longest running and highest ranked marketing sites for editors, agents, writers, and readers is launching an all new web community on July 1, 2006 (The beta site has been live since June 1). Almost every section has been enhanced to allow for faster, better access to thousands of pages of industry information both up-to-the-minute and historical.

Virtually all transactions and input, whether by a member, editor, or agent can now be conducted online, including manuscript query submissions—all with lightning speed. The site has also expanded its global approach, embracing publishing news, information and writers’ projects everywhere in the English-speaking world. attracts thousands of editors, agents, key publishing executives, writers, and fans to its site every day. With nearly a million visitors per year—and growing, the thriving community is billed as “the place to get connected” to just about everything related to marketing one’s self, whether an editor, agent or writer. It’s also a place where fans learn intimate details about the famous and not-so-famous authors they love.

Editors and agents will find quick, easy access to potential manuscript projects (organized by topic and keyword), news, information about competitors’ books and promotions, profiles on other editors and agents, and what they are buying or representing, and historical research on the industry dating back ten years.

“The publishing industry has at long last embraced the Internet as a daily communications tool. And we’re who they are communicating with! Editors, agents, writers, producers, and fans (plus some 200 libraries) all regularly visit the site to get connected with each other,” said CEO Doris Booth. “We already have the reputation for having facilitated more book deals than any other similar site—including six-figure deals. We have a reputation, too, for helping major publishers promote good books to fans. Now, we’re doing those things better than ever.”

“Authorlink is the site for serious writers,” explained Booth. “Writers who really want to do a better job of marketing themselves don’t spending time talking to other writers at writers’ sites. They choose a well-known marketing site that can help them get read and seen. Likewise, sites that are meant mainly for agents don’t necessarily help writers sell work because those writers aren’t generally in a position to contact editors direct. The marketing site, however, IS the meeting place for the industry. Editors and agents come to our site for some very essential reasons, including fast, accurate, high-quality, relevant market and competitive information. And they come looking for properties to buy or represent.”

Newly-appointed Authorlink partner and webmaster, Dan Unger, said, “Our visitors have told Authorlink they want to get to a lot of information fast, and in a well organized way. We’ve got it—everything from an agent’s e-mail address that instantly pops up in a keyword search, to the latest story on a major publisher, or that publisher’s news history for the past ten years, plus profiles on editors, their interests, and what they are currently buying—all at one’s fingertips!”

There are audio interviews with New York Times bestselling authors, skill-building articles, jobs database, publishers’ guidelines, as well as a lot more innovative sections such as “Authorpods” (the name coined by Authorlink for its ipod interviews), “Reading Group Picks” (what people across the country are actually reading) “Storylink,” the place for authors to post their short stories for pay, all coming online soon.

Associate editor and production coordinator Elaine Lanmon, who has been with Authorlink nearly since the site’s inception ten years ago, said, “This is the most comprehensive and exciting enhancement we have ever done! I think people will be pleased with the ease of use on the new site, and with our faster responses—since almost everything is now done online. No more snail mail.”

While Authorlink still provides private evaluations to every new member, the site will not longer vet and place manuscripts by experience level. It’s an open market now. There’s a place on the site for every member to post, so long as they don’t include inflammatory or pornographic materials on their pages.

The new will be the most advanced marketing site for the industry. The site is located at