For Whom the Bell Tolls

by Ernest Hemingway,

read by Campbell Scott

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Chris Lynch, execuitive vice president
and publisher of Simon & Schuster
talks with Authorlink
editor-in-chief Doris Booth
about the Hemingway audio series.

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An Authorlink Exclusive Audio Interview With Chris Lynch
Executive Vice President and Publisher of Simon & Schuster Audio, on the new Hemingway Audio Series

July 2006


Ernest Hemingway did more to transform the style of literary prose than any other writer of the 20th Century. Now, his works come alive in a new audio series produced by Simon & Schuster Audio.

The first three in a series of 12 Hemingway classics have been released, including THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA, A FAREWELL TO ARMS, and FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS. And more titles will follow this summer and winter. All of the titles are being narrated by distinguished film, TV and stage actors, including celebrities such as William Hurt and Donald Sutherland.

The audio deal with the Ernest Hemingway Estate, announced early this year, brings all formats of Hemingway's books under one publisher. His works in printed and digital format are published by Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

The audio series is being produced by S&S's Grammy Award-winning production team, led by Sandy Moore.

"I think my father would have been pleased to have so many of his finest works published in audio book form," said Patrick Hemingway, the author's son. "Reading Hemingway is to listen to him, to 'hear' the dialogue. The spoken word versions will certainly add another dimension to his writing and will entice new audiences to his work."

In this interview, S&S publisher Chris Lynch, talks about the challenges and rewards of producing the stunning audio series.

—Doris Booth