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Cross #1 bestselling author

James Patterson returns

with the pinnacle of all

Alex Cross thrillers.

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An Authorlink Exclusive Audio Interview with James Patterson
Bestselling Author

January 2007

James Patterson is the author of more new #1 bestselling titles in the past five years than any other top selling author. He has more than 150 million books in print, and six movies are based on his work. CROSS, the most chilling thriller in his Alex Cross series, was released in Fall 2006.

James Patterson ranks among the top three authors on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, earning $28 million in 2006. His last 16 books have been bestsellers and he has grossed more than $1 billion in sales on all titles.

He is one of a handful of authors whose sales have been growing over the past few years, even as other bestselling fiction sales have declined. He is also a champion of reading and the founder of the $500,000 PageTurner awards.

Today, James Patterson talks with Authorlink about his writing career and his amazing efforts to spread the joy of books and reading in America.

—Doris Booth