An exclusive Authorlink AUDIO Interview with Samantha Bruce-Benjamin,
author of The Art of Devotion
(Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster, June 2010)
June 2010 Edition

Samantha Bruce-Benjamin, The Art of Devotion

The Art of Devotion
(Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster 2010)
ISBN: 9781439153949

Samantha Bruce-Benjamin, debut novelist

BookBites (Audio Interview)
Length: About 22 minutes


Novelist Samantha Bruce-Benjamin

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Samantha Bruce-Benjamin looks into one family's dark and complex history in her debut novel, THE ART OF DEVOTION. Filled with secrets, love, betrayal, obsession and deceit, THE ART OF DEVOTION is told from the shifting viewpoints of four women.

In this intimate interview with the author, we look at how Bruce-Benjamin goes about exploring the psychological effects and emotional damage within a family.

We also talk about Samantha's own journey to publication after a career as a BBC editor and editor at Random House. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, she now lives in New York.

–Doris Booth

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