Bird & Birdie in a Fine Day
Ethan Long

Tricycle Press 2010
May 25, 2010
Hardcover/48 pages
ISBN: 978-1-58246-321-6
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". . . delightful read for children and curious adults."

This book will spark a smile both on children learning to read or just listening. A female and male bird flutter about in a one-day period during which they meet and become friends, but as the day progresses, they begin to annoy each other.

The female bird, yellow with a pink ribbon in a head curl, talks too much, says the male blue bird while he pecks the ground for worms. In a twist of luck, the female bird ends up retrieving all of the worms. When she shares her bounty, “it is a wonderful afternoon.” And by evening, yellow bird thinks blue bird’s nest is more comfortable. And how do they resolve that? Well, that is the message in “Bird & Birdie in a Fine Day, written and illustrated by Ethan Long—sharing makes life more fun.

The illustrations, in soft primary colors, are uncomplicated yet provoke an appeal and intimacy with yellow bird and blue bird. Their eyes widen with pleasure and droop with sadness. The text includes words many children often hear from their parents or siblings, such as “SHHH! I’m trying to concentrate.” It’s a fuzzy, warm, and delightful read for children and curious adults.

Reviewer: Kate Padilla