Great House by Nicole Krauss

Great House
(W. W. Norton 2010)
ISBN: 9780393079982

Nicole Krauss, author of Great House
Nicole Krauss

VIDEO Interview with Nicole Krauss,
International bestselling author, on her latest book, Great House
(W.W. Norton October 2010)
November 2010 Authorlink Edition

PBS News Hour Art Beat with Jeffrey Brown
In her new novel, “Great House,” Author Nicole Krauss writes about a looming and inspirational antique desk, passed through different hands over generations and connecting her four narrators. From a poet in Chile to a New York novelist, these characters, like those in Krauss' last novel, "The History of Love," tell the story of what it means to inherit something both physical and emotional. Krauss sits down with Jeffrey Brown to discuss the process of writing about loss, loneliness and deep uncertainty. "Great House" is a finalist for the 2010 National Book Award.

–Re-broadcast with permission from Jeffrey Brown, PBS News Hour

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