Die Once Live Twice by Lawrence Dorr, M.D.
Die Once Live Twice
(Silvarado Books November 2011)

Dr. Lawrence Dorr author of Die Once Live Twice
Lawrence Dorr, M.D.


An Authorlink AUDIO interview
with Lawrence Dorr, M.D., author of Die Once Live Twice

December 2011 Authorlink Edition

Dr. Lawrence Dorr


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Dr. Lawrence Dorr, a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon who has invented cutting edge robotic surgical techniques and technologies, has realized a longtime dream in releasing his first novel, DIE ONCE LIVE TWICE. The book traces the history of medicine's great researchers and their discoveries, bringing to life the mystery and thrill of medicine’s death-defying history.

Dr. Dorr, who has also operated on some of the most famous hips and knees including legendary sports greats Augie Garrido and Phil Jackson, is an active researcher, and has published many articles.

In this interview he talks with Authorlink about the groundbreaking and controversial robotic techniques he has developed, and the revolutionary discoveries that advanced medicine to where we are today.

DIE ONCE LIVE TWICE, a literary "who's who" of medical history that reveals the way medicine evolved into the life saving practice it is today – from caring for the dying to curing the sick – by the pioneering physicians who pushed the boundaries of their practice just as Dr. Dorr does today.

One of only two surgeons to act as president for all three major hip and knee replacement societies, Dr. Dorr also raises funds around the country through his non-profit organization, Operation Walk, to provide pro-bono surgeries and training to help relieve joint disease in developing nations around the world – giving people a second chance at pain free lives.

–Doris Booth