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The Whisperers
(Atria/Simon & Schuster 2010)
ISBN: 978-1-439165195

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John Connolly

BookBites (Audio Interview)
Length: About 25 minutes


An exclusive Authorlink AUDIO Interview with John Connolly,
New York Times bestselling author of The Whisperers
(Atria/Simon & Schuster July 2010)

October 2010 Authorlink Edition

New York Times Bestselling
Author John Connolly

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John Connolly has done it again. In his eighth bestselling novel, THE WHISPERERS, he ensnares the reader with an unusual blend of detective work, suspense, horror, and the faint breath of something supernatural.

THE WHISPERERS explores the dehumanizing effects of war upon soldiers. Connolly was struck by the fact that as combat losses decreased in Iraq, suicide rates among soldiers continued to rise back home until they exceeded the death toll of those who were dying while fighting there. The new book focuses on a group of disenchanted former soldiers involved in a smuggling operation across the border between Main and Canada. One by one they are killing themselves. And only Detective Charlie Parker, the continuing character in Connolly's novels, can figure out why.

In this interview with Authorlink, John talks of how Charlie Parker has, over time, grown as a character. The novelist reveals things he has discovered about himself and his craft in recent years, including a healthy mix of optimism and self doubt.

He encourages new writers to "write what you would love to read" and to persevere against an industry he calls "the big machine," which is always hungry for more content.

The author divides his time between his native Dublin, Ireland and Portland, Maine where a number of his novels have been set.

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–Doris Booth

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