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With John McNamee, chairman of the European Booksellers Federation (EBF)

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European Booksellers Federation

Protests Google Settlement An exclusive AUDIO Interview

with John McNamee

Chairman of the European Booksellers Federation

November 2008

The Belgium-based European Booksellers Federation has issued a formal statement of protest against the $125 million Google settlement with the Association of American publishers and the Authors Guild. John McNamee, chairman of the EBF, talks with Authorlink about the Federation's concerns, and about the impact of the settlement on European authors and booksellers. (See background on the settlement on Authorlink).

McNamee asks questions about who is really in control of intellectual property, how does the author know where his or her product is distributed and at what price?

The EBF has joined with European Publishers to draft an unprecedented joint statement of protest against the Google Library Search program. "We want the U.S. and the European Community to understand the serious implications of this settlement," McNamee said. Here is the full 19 minute interview.