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Vicki Lane talks with Authorlink
editor-in-chief Doris Booth
about her two-book deal
with Bantam Dell.
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An AUDIO interview with new novelist Vicki Lane
On her first book, Signs in the Blood

February 2006


Vicki Lane lives on a mountain farm in North Carolina with her husband, two sons, and daughter-in-law. Previously published by a small press, Vicki now has a four-book deal with Bantam Dell.

Her first book for Bantam Dell, Signs in the Blood, is set in the mountains of North Carolina and introduces Elizabeth Goodweather, a woman who has wrapped herself in the serenity of Full Circle Farm, safe amid the idyllic fields of herbs and flowers on pinnacle Mountain. The puzzling death of a neighbor's son shatters that peace and sends her on a life-changing quest in search of a missing shotgun.

What strikes Authorlink about Ms. Lane's first book is her superb storytelling and her ability to capture the distinct voices of the Appalachian characters. We recommend this book to writers as an example of an excellent story arc and vivid characterization. Read and enjoy it as a consumer, then read it again for the secrets of her craft and how this author structures the tale.

And listen to how she persevered and became published.



  —Doris Booth


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