Everyone But Myself: A Memoir

By Julie Chavez

(Zibby Books, January 2024, 240 pages)

Interview by Kristin D. Clarke

Julie talks with Authorlink’s new columnist Kristin Clarke about her personal experiences with depression and Mother burnout.


This highly personal memoir by first-time author Julie Chavez will likely be met with relief, empathy, and deep relatability by overextended mothers everywhere. With humor, angst, and the high expectations recognizable to every woman striving but struggling to be a “good mother” in today’s unrealistic terms, Chavez offers a transparent view into her therapeutic journey toward recovery and resilience from “mother burnout,” anxiety, and depression. Her pain and progress–combined with engaging prose and a compelling, hope-lifting story–have already won Chavez a Mom’s Choice Award and brought further recognition in the publishing world by USA Today and The Washington Post (“Noteworthy Book”).