Janeology by Karen Harrington
by Karen Harrington

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Authorlink Audio Interview
With Karen Harrington
Audio Length: 9.5 min.

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Authorlink Audio Interview
With Derek Armstrong,
Publisher, Kunati Books
Audio Length: 10.5 min.

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An Authorlink Exclusive AUDIO Interview with Karen Harrington
with the author of Janeology (Kunati Books, April 2008)

April 2008

In this debut novel about love, loss and family legacy, Karen Harrington deftly illustrates the ways nature and nurture weave the fabric of one woman’s life—and renders a portrait of one man left in its tragic wake. 

In the book, Tom is certain he is living the American dream. With twins and lovely wife Jane, and a house on the beach, life couldn't be better. Until one day in June, the police tell him the unthinkable—his wife has drowned their toddler son, while his daughter clings to life in the hospital. 

Karen's ten-year journey to becoming published took her to Authorlink, where a listing for her novel earned "feature" status. The designation inspired her to keep seeking publication and to send Kunati Books to her listing. Publisher Derek Armstrong bought the manuscript, which was released in hardcover in April 2008.

In this exclusive AUDIO interview, Karen talks about her never-ending belief in herself and her work.

The companion interview with Karen's publisher, Derek Armstrong, of Kunati Books, reveals what attracted him to Karen's project and what made him take the book on for publication.

Kunati Books has been called "the publisher to watch" by the American Library Association. The innovative company publishes books in all printed formats as well as e-books, and creatively uses the Internet to promote its titles.

Kunati is obsessed with quirky, hip, controversial. The company publishes novels and memoirs with the edginess of controversy or with strong themes. Kunati also publishes nonfiction if it contains strong themes.