A Game of Ghosts by John Connolly

A Game of Ghosts
by John Connolly

Atria Books/Emily Bestler Books|

Hardcover ISBN: 9781501171895

On sale: July 4, 2017

John Connolly, Author

John Connolly

An exclusive Authorlink Interview with
Internationally Bestselling author John Connolly

July 2017

Internationally bestselling author John Connolly, has written sixteen books in his wildly popular Charlie Parker series, among other works of fiction and nonfiction. Now comes his latest thriller, A GAME OF GHOSTS, which is quite possibly his best-ever work in an already illustrious career. 

In the latest book, it is deep winter and the darkness is unending. A private detective named Jaycob Eklund has vanished and relentless investigator Charlie Parker is assigned to track him down. 

Parker’s employer, Edgar Ross, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has his own reasons for wanting Eklund found. Eklund is no ordinary investigator–he is obsessively tracking a series of homicides and disappearances, each linked to reports of hauntings. 

Now Parker is drawn into Eklund’s world: a realm in which the monstrous Mother rules a crumbling criminal empire, in which men strike bargains with angels, and in which the innocent and guilty alike are pawns in a game of ghosts. 

Connolly has been called “One of the best thriller writers we have,” by New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben. And Library Journal strongly recommends the book for “plot, characterization, authenticity…horror…and humanity.”

As fans of some of Connolly’s earlier works, Authorlink recommends the book too, as probably his finest work. Descriptions, scene-setting, characterization, suspense are all there in A GAME OF GHOSTS. 

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About the Author

John Connolly is the author of the Charlie Parker series of mystery novels, the supernatural collection Nocturnes, the Samuel Johnson Trilogy, and (with Jennifer Ridyard) the Chronicles of the Invaders series for younger readers. He lives in Dublin, Ireland. For more information visit his website, www.johnconnollybooks.com