How It Works


Who can benefit?

It’s the essential content planning tool for acquiring editors, agents, production studios, publishing houses, directors, authors, screenwriters, novelists, non-fiction writers and more. Big data helps anyone who buys and sells book and movie content to take a deep dive into existing and forthcoming book and movie content across a broad landscape.  Filter Books N’ Flix data by 15 critiera, and see the results!

Spot Book and Movie Trends

BOOKS N’ FLIX lets you measure and evaluate the popularity and financial success of both current and historical book and movie properties. These smart media insights help you decide what types of projects to invest in, which ones are likely to provide a better return on investment (ROI).  Dive deep into the most successful content over time–or last week–to see how a project performed against the competition.  Spot new opportunities for content development. BOOKS N’ FLIX offers more ways to look at the content market.  More than a dozen criteria can be applied against a number of important metrics to provide a three-dimensional picture of the content. 

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Measure and evaluate the market impact of specific book and movie subject categories

Which topics are more likely to translate from books to movies and which subjects are likely to be more profitable based on historical data? Which publishers or studios or authors have the best track record for popular content? We strive to help you understand the dynamics of content across several content platforms.

Technical advances make it possible

Using the latest technology, we’ve compiled content information from several reliable sources into one of the most comprehensive pools of information ever assembled for the book and movie industry.  Our market-wide analysis tools converge major content types in ways usually accessible only by giant publishers and filmmakers. 

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Why should you trust us?

Authorlink® is one of the longest-running publishing sites online today. We have been in the content industry for more than twenty years. But we’re not done yet! We were a pioneer in the e-book publishing industry as one of the first customers of Lightning Source/Ingram to embrace the digital book technology. Our world has changed dramatically since then. Content providers require more sophisticated data than ever. We know the industry from the inside out. And we have always embraced new and exciting ways to bring content to the public. Transparency is extremely important to us. Our sources and estimated margins of error are given to the best of our knowledge and we are always open to correction. Books N’ Flix has been more than a year in the development stages. We invite you to take a look at our hard work, and we welcome opportunities to improve.