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[gravityform id=”2″ title=”false” description=”false” ajax=”true” tabindex=”100″] To get you started, here are a few sample questions:

In a specific category or genre, how many books became movies and when?
What movies based on books grossed the highest box office receipts?
What publisher sold the most movie rights?
Who bought the most and least film rights in a category
What publisher(s) bought the books that became the ten highest grossing movie
What are the ten most popular movies based on books? When were they released? 
What books proved to be the best potential to become movies?
What streaming movie channels have more top-selling movies?
What are the trends in book or movie categories?
Books of what length did the best last year.
Which books have become audiobooks?

Enter up to 15 different characteristics you want to cross-reference:
  1. book or movie category
  2. book title
  3. movie title
  4. date/year released
  5. book description 
  6. movie description
  7. movie sales
  8. book author
  9. book author advances (range)
  10. publisher or imprint
  11. producer
  12. movie production studio
  13. book or film/tv agent
  14. book editor
  15. movie channel, ie Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Acorn, HBO

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