Walk of Fame
A Novel
Sharon Krum

St. Martin's Press
July 15, 2003
Trade Paperback/320 pages
ISBN: 0312316321
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". . . nice guys can win"

"Tom is an over-the-top wimp . . ."

". . .if Sharon Krum?s next novel is done in the female point-of-view, it should be a winner."

Sharon Krum’s first novel, Walk of Fame, shows nice guys can win. Hero Tom Webster, the typical boring office geek (about to turn celebrity), gets the opportunity to write a freelance piece on Alexandra West, the stereotyped blond bimbo B starlet. When Alexandra, who has plenty of street smarts, decides to fake a romance with Tom, he makes the headlines and learns the price of fame himself.


The only problem is that Krum has made Tom Webster so nice that the reader can’t stand him. The first clue that Tom is an over-the-top wimp is when the reader learns that he and Jake are still best friends even though Tom’s wife left him for Jake. When Alexandra decides to move in with Tom “for show,” he protests, but much like the reader, she pays no attention to him. Even his token advance to Alexandra after they are living together seems weak and half-hearted.

Jake, the best friend, is a “sensitive” male. Even more unbelievable is his poutiness when Tom breaks their standing date to a baseball game to attend an art galley opening with Alexandra.

Alexandra, however, is the “real-life” character in this book which says to this reader that if Sharon Krum’s next novel is done in the female point-of-view, it should be a winner.
Reviewer: E. M. Kurecka