To Fetch a Thief
Chet and Bernie Series #3
Spencer Quinn

Trade Paperback/336 pages
ISBN: 978-1439157084
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". . . Chet, the canine detective, still steals the show!"

For any reader who has already had the pleasure of reading Spencer Quinn’s books, they will know that Chet – a dog – has a great deal to say in each and every one of them. In fact, he’s one of the very best narrators in fiction today. Chet is owned by Private Investigator Bernie Little and, as more than one reader has acknowledged, "You don't have to be a dog lover to enjoy this deliciously addictive series." Truer words have never been spoken!

From a dog’s point of view, this time around the detecting team of Chet and Bernie, along with Bernie’s son, go to the circus. This old-fashioned circus with just one ring travels all over the country, setting up in little town after little town. But the problem for this particular show is that their biggest attraction – Peanut, the ‘headlining’ elephant – has gone missing…along with his trainer. Chet and Bernie are on the scene as they are hired by Popo the Clown to find out what the heck has happened to their beloved pachyderm. It is very possible that the duo has defected to an Animal Rights group or, perhaps, the group came after the trainer to make a point. Chet doesn’t believe so, seeing as that the trainer has always been extremely humane and would cut his own arm off way before ever striking poor Peanut. Chet and Bernie soon find themselves in Mexico, pursuing criminals who, as word has it, are apparently responsible for the disappearance and have Peanut in their ‘grips.’ However, when Chet and Bernie suddenly find themselves face-to-face with the slightly snooty and completely raucous pachyderm, they find an elephant that is extremely reluctant to come back to the circus!

Some of the funniest scenes in the story are of Peanut walking along with the detecting duo and swinging her trunk back and forth – smacking Bernie and sending him flying. In fact, readers will be able to see these scenes in their dreams. Every bit of this book is true hilarity; even the bad guys should have their own sitcom.

With Spencer Quinn, over the years, readers have discovered that this is a pseudonym of one of America’s favorite suspense authors, Peter Abrahams. Apparently ‘Spencer’ allows Abrahams to let his comic side explode, and he has certainly proven that he speaks suspense and dog language absolutely fluently. Funny is not all that a reader will find as they journey with Bernie and Chet; the book also offers some very touching and terrifying moments in spots. But Chet, the canine detective, still steals the show!

Not only does he meet the criteria of all dog lovers, but he has that wisdom that flows through those touching eyes as he studies the world around him, and never loses the love he has for his best friend. Enjoy!

Reviewer: Amy Lignor