The One Minute Millionaire
The Enlightened Way to Wealth
Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen

Harmony Books
October 22, 2002
Hardcover/416 pages
ISBN: 0609609491
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". . . a blueprint for developing wealth . . ."

". . . power of the story is not in the writing, but the message it conveys."

". . . inspiration, both practical and emotional, for a path to wealth."

Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of the Chicken Soup book series) and Robert G. Allen (author of several financial books, including Nothing Down) have combined their considerable expertise to lead others down the paths they have followed. In The One Minute Millionaire, Hansen and Allen give a blueprint for developing wealth, presented in a unique format: the pages on the left side of the book contain the practical advice, while the right side is a fictional story of a woman who becomes a millionaire in ninety days.




The self-help genre is packed full with financial advice. Though there are some rehashed ideas in this book, there are also some truly unique ones. The book is subtitled The Enlightened Way to Wealth and is not just a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a plan to get rich, both monetarily and spiritually, and to spread and share that wealth. Michelle’s story, the fable aspect of the book, is told in a simple manner and would not hold up to scrutiny as a piece of literature; however, much like The Celestine Prophecy, the power of the story is not in the writing, but the message it conveys. Michelle’s story is there to inspire the reader as they learn the ways of the enlightened millionaire from Hansen and Allen. Those looking for inspiration, practical and emotional, for a path to wealth, will find both in this book.

Reviewer: Lesley Williams