The Object of Your Affections

Falguni Kothari

Graydon House

Paris Kahn Fraser and her Scottish husband Neal Singh Fraser have an idyllic life in NYC. Her career as assistant DA is blooming, and Neal’s family chain of furnishing and art stores is expanding. Life couldn’t be better—or could it? Neal wants a family to carry on his line. With three bickering mothers in her life and uncertainty over possible inherited illnesses, Paris is definitely against bearing children herself. The arrival of her old college friend Naira Dalmia from India offers a perfect solution for both. Can Paris persuade her old friend to be their surrogate mother?

Naira has her own issues. Her late husband was jailed for fraud which cost Naira her carefully tended business. Now she’s in NYC seeking a new life away from her traditionalist family. Paris’s request sets off all kinds of alarms in Naira’s head, but she soon sees advantages for everyone. The three negotiate a labyrinth of legal caveats and codicils to achieve the surrogacy, as well as a minefield of strong family opinions and the growing attraction between Naira and Neal’s brother, Deven. Paris and Naira’s friendship is tested to the limits, and will either survive stronger than ever, or fall apart in utter disaster.

Falguni Kothari excels in creating profound stories for the twenty-first century with all of its complexities and mutlicultural challenges to family and friendships. The Object of Your Affections is an unequaled addition to her work.