The Lost Letters of William Woolf – DEBUT NOVEL

Helen Cullen

Graydon House

Compatible in every way William and Clare Woolf’s marriage seemed a match made in heaven – then it began to break apart. Clare was a born artist, but somehow her artistic side became buried under the guise of a successful London lawyer. William’was a gifted writer, but his ambition shriveled as he stood on the verge of success. Now he works as a letter detective in the British Post Office’s “Dead Letters Depot,” a place that receives all the mail in London that fails to find its destination. William believes inspiration for a new book lies amid the undelivered oddities that cross his desk, but Clare grows increasingly angry and frustrated at his lack of ambition in persisting in such a dead end job.

One day William unearths the first of many heartfelt letters addressed only to My Great Love. Launched into the unknown by a young Irishwoman known only as Winter, they resonate with William like nothing else for years. Guided by clues contained within the letters, William sets out on a Quixotic quest to find Winter. Clare has her own dilemma in the shape of a handsome colleague and serious doubts about the underlying reasons for her anger and frustration. With their deep and abiding love, hope, and loyalty to each other tested to the breaking point, William and Clare seek to repair their marriage. Will they succeed before it’s too late?

…debut novel hits the ground running.

The Lost Letters of William Woolf has a lyrical quality that shines from every page. With vivid characters, descriptions and all-too-real human frailties, Helen Cullen’s debut novel hits the ground running.