The Fisher King by Melissa Lenhardt

The Fisher King
Melissa Lenhardt

Skyhorse Publishing

Jack McBride has been chief of police in the small Texan town of Stillwater for only six weeks. His first case on the job sparked a drug war that engulfed the county and left several matters unresolved.

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“Real life issues and relationships color the story-line . . .”

Any hopes he has for a quiet spell are dashed when two bodies are found in a burned-out old house on the edge of town. Does the discovery mark the start of a new bout of drug-related crime? 

McBride has enough to cope with in his personal life. His twin brother Eddie, a handsome if erratic Lothario, seems to have his own unfathomable agenda. McBride’s relationship with local businesswoman Ellie Yourke Martin flared brightly but fizzled out, leaving only embers that may – or may not – be rekindled. Whether that happens or not depends on McBride’s estranged wife, Julie, who has returned from a year long sabbatical. Then there’s Joe Doyle, local business bigwig and town benefactor who’s gunning for McBride after they clashed during his previous case. Doyle’s standing for the local council against Ellie and looks set to win – after which he’ll claim McBride’s badge. 

Two more killings ratchet up the tension and the trail seems to lead to Doyle Industries, the town’s main employer. Could Eddie be mixed up in it? What’s his connection with the scheming Michelle Doyle? Small-town tensions seethe beneath the surface as McBride investigates the murders, and by the end, his life will never be the same.

The Fisher King is a cozy murder-mystery that’s far from cozy. The character of McBride, a solid but not unfeeling cop, is great. Real life issues and relationships color the story-line, and Stillwater itself is a character to be reckoned with.

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Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews