The Blooding by James McGee

The Blooding
by James McGee

Pegasus Crime

On escaping from Bonaparte’s France, British secret agent Matthew Hawkwood finds himself in the United States. It’s the year 1812, and the young country is now at war with Britain.

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“. . . Regency-era fiction with a hard edge of reality.”

Lurking in Albany, New York state, Hawkwood must find a way to reach safety in Canada – but first he has to rescue old comrade Major Douglas Lawrence from the American army without being taken and executed as a spy. 

During the rescue, the two men uncover an American plot to invade Canada before winter descends. Hawkwood and Lawrence have over a hundred miles of difficult terrain to cover before they can bring warning to the nearest British outpost, and the weather is turning against them. Misplaced trust throws dangers aplenty in their path, and before long they realize a vindictive enemy is on their trail. But Hawkwood has an ace up his sleeve – he’s been here before and can call on old friends. Even so, Hawkwood and Lawrence’s resourcefulness is tested to the limit as a collision of forces draws near. Can they win through and prevent a spectacular American victory over the Old Country?

In The Blooding, James McGee brings us the fifth adventure featuring Matthew Hawkwood, veteran secret agent. In the fine style of James Bond, Hawkwood comes up against a dangerous enemy in a tale that grips the reader from beginning to end. For those who like Regency-era fiction with a hard edge of reality, this book is for you. 


Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews