Summer Hours

Amy Mason Doan

Graydon House

Becc Reardon, ace student and fan of Nellie Bly and Ed Murrow, always intended to become a star print journalist. Her fellow Mousketeers, art student Serra Indrijo and film buff Eric Logan, seem to take everything in their stride, especially the handsome and laid back Eric. Becc and Eric have the same sense of humor and share a fascination with classic movies. Their friendship always teeters on the verge of becoming something more, yet neither dares commit themselves for fear of ruining what they already have.

. . . testament to both youth, friendship and the power of nostalgia.

Becc’s college career is set when she wins the prestigious Haggermaker Scholarship, but her life comes off the rails when she falls for an older man, Eric’s mother’s boyfriend “Mr. California” Cal McCallister. Cal’s smooth ways and charisma sweep Becc off her feet, but she knows Eric detests Cal and fears that Eric will end their friendship if he finds out about the romance. Betrayal and guilt follows, cascading through Becc’s life, the lives of those she loves, and her career. Ten years later Becc hopes she can mend fences with her friends in a road trip to a wedding, but her past actions cast a long shadow. Can Becc use those long ago memories and feelings to regain what was lost or will everything fail in the end?

Bittersweet, pertinent but never preachy, told with warmth and good humor, Summer Hours is a delightful book with a lot of heart. Amy Mason Doan has created a story that is testament to both youth, friendship and the power of nostalgia.