Ellie is Cool Now

Victoria Fulton and Faith McClaren



Ellie Jenkins thought she’d left her miserable years in Stonybrook High School far behind when she moved from Ohio to Los Angeles. Although single, she has good friends and a glamorous job as a writer for the hit TV show Cooler Than You—ironically about high school kids. Her boss discovers Ellie trashed the invitation to Stonybrook’s 10th anniversary reunion and makes her coming promotion conditional on her accepting. Over the weekend Ellie has to outperform every one of the In Crowd listed in the yearbook. The trouble is, number ten on her list is the person she really doesn’t want to encounter ever again—her high school crush, Mark Wright.

… the perfect summer read …

Her return to Stonybrook becomes even harder when she runs into an even more attractive grown-up Mark and her once best friend, Roxy. Both have domineering parents, which cause their own issues. The three have a difficult history, yet Ellie’s surprised when Mark readily agrees to help her complete her tasks. She soon realizes that most of her former classmates and her own perceptions of them have changed in ten years. As Ellie and Mark work their way through the list, confessions and pitfalls make their growing closeness a challenge. Ellie’s glamorous TV credentials save their skin more than once. As her time in Ohio draws to a close, a near-tragedy throws a hard light on Ellie’s relationships. Can Mark’s stillborn ambition to be a scriptwriter save the day?

Fulton and McClaren have created the perfect summer read in Ellie is Cool Now. Ellie and her classmates are beautifully rendered characters, and the reader will cheer them on to the heartwarming end.