North of Here

North of Here
Laurel Saville

Lake Union Publishing

In North of Here, a triple-blow of family tragedies hits Miranda hard, leaving her adrift mentally and emotionally.

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“. . . for readers of literary women’s fiction.”

Her inheritance proves to be less than she expected after her late father’s shadowy business practices have been dealt with. Bearing a load of rich white girl’s guilt, she returns to live in her family’s summer home where she seeks solace in the company of rugged, level-headed local handyman Dix Macomb.

A figure from Miranda’s past turns up out of the blue. Darius is a handsome, dangerous, plausible well-educated drifter. He returns to the area and lands a nice berth with Sally, a social worker. Miranda, seeking an outlet for her energy and desire to do good in the world, is talked into joining The Source, the nature worshiping cult Darius sets up on Sally’s property in the woods. The Source has attracted a number of young women, all “trust-fund refugees” hoping to tweak the noses of their rich parents by living an alternate lifestyle. Miranda, pregnant but determined, moves in against Dix’s wishes and soon becomes queen of the cult. Dix and Sally feel concerned but powerless against Darius’ influence. They  can only look on while things go from bad to worse. Will they join forces and save the situation before calamity strikes?

North of Here explores the ways an individual can go off the rails when hit by a series of tragedies. The narrative shifts halfway through from Miranda and Dix’s relationship to Sally and Dix’s relationship. This is a story for readers of literary women’s fiction.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews