Moral Defense by Marcia Clark

Moral Defense
Marcia Clark

Thomas & Mercer

Samantha Brinkman is a maverick lawyer with a strong sense of justice. She’s used to playing fast and loose inside and outside the law, but occasionally her decisions come back to bite her.

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“. . . tight narrative with a gripping plot . . .”

Sam is called in to be legal representative to fifteen year old Cassie Sonnenberg. Cassie’s father and brother were murdered and her mother seriously wounded in what seems like a home invasion gone wrong. Sam could use the work. She has need of cash to help bail a former client out of the trouble one of her decisions caused. Added to that is a pair of cold-eyed gangsters seeking the person who sent their comrade to a certain death. Then there’s the matter of doing her dad a favor by investigating a cop who might’ve been involved in a mass murder… 

It’s not long before the police begin to look hard at Cassie as culprit in the Sonnenberg case. Did this slip of a girl kill her adoptive parent and brother in a bloody frenzy? If so, why? The more Sam uncovers about Cassie’s home life, the more it hammers her own buttons. Cassie claims a history of sexual abuse by her father and brother that mirrors Sam’s own past, but Cassie appears to be hiding something crucial to saving her from a life in jail. Sam and her friends, Alex and Michelle, have to get to the bottom of the mystery – and when they do, Sam faces one of the hardest decisions of her life. 

Sam Brinkman is back, as feisty, clever and flawed as ever. Clark writes a tight narrative with a gripping plot that keeps readers guessing.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews