Madeline and the Old House in Paris by John Bemelmans Marciano Madeline and the Old House in Paris
Picture book (48-page picture book, ages 4-8, Viking Juvenile)
John Bemelmans Marciano

October 8, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-670784851
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". . . resurrects Ludwig’s character, Pepito. . ."

 John Bemelmans Marciano, grandson of famous author Ludwig Bemelmans, who wrote Madeline, the series of children’s books, carries on his legacy in Madeline and the Old House in Paris, John’s third Madeline title.

In John’s latest book, he resurrects Ludwig’s character, Pepito, the Spanish ambassador’s son who first appeared In Ludwig’s Madeline and the Bad Hat.

Madeline and Pepito are on another venture of mischief in which ghostly sounds lead them to the attic of an old Paris house. There they meet Felix de La Morte, who has been waiting for 221 years to get a glimpse of a comet. Sadly, someone has stolen his telescope. Since he is now a ghost, he needs a little help from Madeline and Pepito who want La Morte to rest in peace. Madeline is not afraid of anything. She decides to investigate, identifies the culprit and sets out to put a little scare in him as well. But all ends well. Madeline, Pepito and the ghost put the treasure in its rightful place and all is once again fine in the house where 12 little girls sleep in two straight rows.

John Marciano has remained true to his grandfather’s style and does an admirable job of illustrating the book. John, his wife Andromache, and their daughter Galatea live in Brooklyn, New York.

Reviewer: Judy Peterson (with Authorlink staff editors)