The Last Love Note

Emma Grey

Zibby Books


Canberra, Australia, native Kate Whittaker is left widowed at age thirty-eight with a young child and a world of heartache to navigate. Kate looked forward to a long and happy life with her college professor husband, Cam. Living without him proves harder than she ever could have imagined when he first fell ill. Thankfully her mother Mary, best friend Grace, and her attractive boss Hugh Lancaster are there to help. Kate’s engrossing job fundraising for a university helps bury the frequent upsurges of sorrow and helplessness.

Two years later Kate and Hugh are flying to a fundraising event in Northern Queensland when a major storm groundflights all across eastern Australia. Being forced into an unexpected time-out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life allows Kate and Hugh to examine their friendship. Both can’t deny the attraction they feel to each other, but is it the right time to move things forward? Hugh and Cam were best friends, and Hugh’s skill at knowing exactly what to do for Kate in the throes of her grief were lifesaving. However, Kate knows Hugh’s keeping a secret from her that’s connected to Cam’s illness, a secret which could prove a deal-breaker for any relationship they may haveA note left by Cam in the midst of his illness could provide the vital clue to solving the conundrumbut does Kate have the courage to follow her heart?

In The Last Love Note Emma Grey draws deep on her own experience to create a story that’s not an easy read in places due to the subject of terminal illness, but it is a story the reader will find full of warmth, of human resilience, hope and healing.