Feast of Sorrow by Crystal King

Feast of Sorrow
Crystal King


The Roman Empire, 1BC – 38 AD. The Emperor is lord of the known world. Those who are closest to him bask in reflected glory and wield considerable power.

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” . . . a treat for lovers of history – and cooking.”

Rich socialite Marcus Gavius Apicius aims to get the prestigious position of culinary adviser to Caesar. Deploying his immense wealth to that end, he purchases Thrasius, a young Greek slave and gifted chef, to help him. Thrasius and fellow slave Passia fall in love, a relationship tainted with the knowledge that their lives are dependent on a man whose fickle temper could see them parted forever. 

Together Apicius and Thrasius set out to achieve Apicius’ ambition – but the course to power and honor is not smooth. There are those, including the Emperor’s wife Livia, a ruthless and unforgiving woman, who are a danger to their ambitions. Apicius’ rival, Publius Octavius, also aims to become culinary adviser, and he will do all he can to thwart him. As the years pass Emperors come and go, but the delicate balancing act of ambition and tact stretches Apicius and Thrasius near to the breaking point. If they set a foot wrong, both their lives and those they love are on the line. At no time is the fact clearer than when they come up against the terrible power of Sejanus, closest adviser to Tiberius Caesar. Can they overcome the danger without losing everything?

In Feast of Sorrow, Crystal King brings the dangerous world of Ancient Rome to life with all its pleasures, pitfalls, flavors and fickleness. Sprinkled throughout with genuine recipes from the works of Apicius, this book is a treat for lovers of history – and cooking.

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Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews