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Kathleen Barber

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Audrey Miller’s a young up-and-coming professional with a honed and toned body who lives her life online for all to see. She has millions of followers and admirers on social media, but her glamorous online life doesn’t pay the bills. When she lands a job with the Smithsonian it entails a move to Washington DC, renting a barely adequate basement apartment—and encountering some serious problems. Unknown to Audrey her online presence has attracted a stalker, and she’s just walked into his neighborhood…

In turns intriguing, mysterious and paranoia-inducing . . .

Audrey’s life in DC unfolds in a genuinely creepy fashion. She slowly becomes aware that something isn’t right with her new world. Her landlord’s grandson seems over-friendly. Her best friend Cat is an ambitious lawyer, but her insecurity and emotionally dysfunctional personality makes her a useful foil for Audrey, who can hide her own insecurities behind Cat’s behavior. Audrey’s on-again off-again relationship with her ex boyfriend Nick only clouds her mind when she wants to focus on if, how and why she’s being stalked. Does Nick care about her problems, or is he gaslighting her? When a specialist app suggests someone invaded her apartment while she was asleep, Audrey’s world descends into nightmare. Mistrust, paranoia and unexpected revelations–who can Audrey trust, and can she uncover the stalker?

Follow Me is told from three different viewpoints, those of Audrey, her best friend Cat, and “Him,” the mysterious stalker. In turns intriguing, mysterious and paranoia-inducing, Barber doesn’t let up the pressure in this deftly-written novel of our ultra-modern lives.