Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

The Night Buffalo by Guillermo Arriaga

  The Night Buffalo Guillermo Arriaga: Translated Alan Page Atria Books 5/5/2006 Hardcover/228 pages ISBN: 0-7432-8185-3 Buy This Book www.amazon.com   ". . . a stark and engaging tale of madness." "Arriaga is primarily a film maker and his...

An Exclusive Interview With Brooke Warner Seal Press Editor Avalon Publishing Group

I started as a project editor for a small independent house in Berkeley called North Atlantic Books. I began doing acquisitions about three years into my job there and worked for Atlantic for five years before moving to Seal. Prior to that I toured Europe for a year, and was busy getting my BA at George Washington University. I received my MA from San Francisco State while working at North Atlantic.

Clair-de-Lune by Cassandra Golds

Contemporary young adult books have become burdened by requirements and expectations no one book can hope to meet. Unless the book is Clair-de-Lune, Cassandra Gold’s remarkable fairy tale about a young, mute ballerina who must learn to face her deepest fears in order to understand the importance of love. Gold manages to not only spin a wholly original tale but to do so in language by turns melodious and downright funny – sometimes both at the same time.

Once Upon a Day by Lisa Tucker

Twenty-three year old Dorothea O’Brien is on a quest to find her older brother, who left the ‘Sanctuary’ where they had lived with their father since early childhood. Sheltered her entire life from the modern world, she is ill-equipped to deal with the challenges facing her. In a twist of fate, she meets Stephen, a cabdriver who has retreated from the world as well, unable to overcome his own loss. Together they will trace the path of Dorothea’s past, uncovering long-held secrets and discovering themselves in the process.

Birds in Fall by Brad Kessler

  Birds in Fall Brad Kessler Scribner April 11, 2006 Hardcover/256 pages ISBN: 0-7432-8738-X Buy This Book www.authorlink.com   ". . . an atmospheric tale that is to be savored . . ." "The inn is a cocoon, a temporary sanctuary apart from the...

Does Anything Eat Wasps? by New Scientist Magazine

  Does Anything Eat Wasps? And 101 Other Unsettling, Witty Answers to Questio New Scientist Magazine Free Press April 5, 2006 Trade Paperback/224 pages ISBN: 0-7432-9726-1 Buy This Book www.amazon.com   ". . . the latest in science and technology, both...

The Heat of the Moon by Sandra Parshall

      The Heat of the Moon Sandra Parshall Poisoned Pen Press 4/01/2006 Hardcover/278 pages ISBN: 1-59058-256-x Buy This Book www.amazon.com     "Memory is a storehouse of the real and imagined..." "There are no clear cut...

Sharp North by Patrick Cave

  Sharp North Patrick Cave Atheneum Books for Young Readers 4/01/06 Hardcover/528 pages ISBN: 1-4169-1222-3 Buy This Book www.amazon.com   ". . . an intense, riveting journey . . ." ". . . a frightening story, but also one of strength, love,...

Jump_Cut: On Screenwriting – April 2006

Jump_Cut: On Screenwriting The Rules, Part 1 by Neil Flowers April, 2006 Editor's Note: Authorlink welcomes Los Angeles screenwriter and teacher Neil Flowers and his new monthly column on the subject of writing for film and television. Neil's columns...