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Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer/editor and novelist. She grew up watching Star Trek and reading the science fiction classics along with thousands of Harlequin romances. Somewhere along the line, she figured it was just as fun to write stories as it was to read them.

The BloodDark series (co-written with her husband, Adrian J. Matthews) is her latest science fiction series written for Young Adults. She writes contemporary and fantasy romantic-comedies as Cynthianna. She also writes SF/vampire erotic-romance under the pen name of Celine Chatillon. You can learn more about her fiction and non-fiction at her numerous websites:,, and

Insights Into Cindy

I love to read well-written fiction and non-fiction in all genres. If it's intelligently written with its target audience's expectations in mind, then I'm game for it. Perhaps the one genre I'm not particularly enthusiastic about is horror, especially the non-suspenseful, slasher and gore-splatter varieties. My biggest pet peeve in reviewing is coming across a book which obviously hasn't benefited from professional editing. It's an insult to the reader, but more importantly, it's insulting to the author to publish a work which hasn't gone through a thorough vetting and polishing process. (You can imagine how I feel about self-published works for the most part.)

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Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza

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Mama Hissa’s Mice by Saud Alsanousi

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Mama Hissa's Mice, Saud Alsanousi, Amazon Crossing - Katkouk, Fahd and Sadiq are a mismatched trio who grew up together in the Surra district of Kuwait in the last quarter of the twentieth century. Lacking a common faith or heritage, nevertheless they form a solid friendship.

The Poison Garden by A. J. Banner

The Poison Garden by A J Banner

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The Poison Garden, A J Banner, Lake Union - Elise Watters returns home to idyllic Chinook Island off the Washington coast expecting a joyful reunion with her husband, Dr. Keiran Lund, in time for their first anniversary.