Outside the Fire by Boyd Craven

Outside the Fire by Boyd Craven

June 1, 2018
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Outside the Fire

An Economic Collapse Story

By Boyd Craven

The Taylor family thought they were prepared for everything… but they never could have expected their readiness would make them target #1. 

Steve Taylor did everything he could to protect his family from what he saw as a weakening dollar and looming economic collapse. But when disaster finally arrives, the Taylors find that they’re not prepared for the enemies that emerge within their own suburban subdivision

The neighbors and HOA are already sore at the Taylors, but as things go from bad to worse, Steve and Amber Taylor must do all they can to keep their family healthy, happy and safe. Realizing they can’t survive alone, they work to mend relationships. But there’s another community out there preying on the fringes of the subdivision. The real question is: Will help arrive before time runs out?

Permuted Press | 320 pages | ISBN 9781682617663 | June 2018

For more information: http://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Outside-the-Fire/Boyd-Craven/9781682617663

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