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Two Reasons Why Some Readers are NOT Allowed to Post Reviews on Amazon!

October 1, 2020
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So, your book has been published and your readers are (virtually) lined up for their coveted copies! Yea!! And, you are asking (begging!) your readers to leave reviews for your book because, as we all know, more sales and positive reviews mean better exposure on Amazon!

However, did you know that some people aren’t allowed to leave reviews on Amazon? Who are those people? Are they scammers? No. Do they owe Amazon money? No. Are they simply lower-class online citizens? Of course not.

The answer is: They are people who simply haven’t given Amazon enough money yet!

That’s right!! Amazon’s rules for allowing someone to post a review are now this:

1. You must have spent $50 at Amazon in the past 12 months


2. You must be an Amazon Prime member, which currently costs $119/year

Don’t believe me? Their rules are RIGHT HERE.

It doesn’t matter that your reader PURCHASED your book DIRECTLY FROM AMAZON (making it a verified purchase). No, it’s just that Amazon hasn’t scalped enough money from that person’s wallet yet.

Just another reason to DETEST doing business with Amazon…

Angela Joy, Writers WeeklyAngela Hoy is the publisher of WritersWeekly.com, the author of 19 books, and the co-owner of BookLocker.com

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