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Steerforth Press Resumes Publication of Fictional Titles

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January 15-31, 2005 Edition

Steerforth Press

Resumes Publication

of Fictional Titles

Hanover, NH/01/06/05—Steerforth Press, based in Hanover, New Hampshire, has resumed publication of new fiction after a two-year hiatus.

Roland Pease, founder of Zoland Books (whose backlist was absorbed by Steerforth in 2003), has been hired to acquire poetry and literary fiction. He will be based in Cambridge.

At Zoland, Pease edited National Book Award (NBA) winner Ha Jin. In his new job, he has already signed a novel set in India called No End to the Journey, by Subramanian Shankar. He has also acquired a new work by David Cates titled X Out of Wonderland. Cates is the author of the novel, Hunger in America.

Both new Steerforth titles are scheduled for release in the Fall 2005.