Book Industry Report Sees Healthy Increase in Sales Over 5 Years

June 1, 2005
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June 1-15, 2005 Edition

Book Industry Report

Sees Healthy Increase

in Sales Over 5 Years

New York, NY/05/17/05—Total book industry revenues will increase 18.3 % over the next five years, according to a new report, Book Industry TRENDS 2005, conducted by the non-profit Book Industry Study Group (BISG).

The study showed 2004 net revenues of $28.6 billion, an increase of 2.8% over 2003.

Religious books, including Bibles, spiritual books, prayer books, inspirational titles and religious fiction, grew by 11 % in 2004. Revenues from religious books will lead the way in growth, rising 50% in the five years ahead. Mass market revenues will increase 16.9%; adult trade, 12.3 %, and professional books, 11.6%.

Book Industry TRENDS 2005 estimates total publishers’ net revenues in 2004 reached $28.6 billion, up 2.8 percent over the previous year. TRENDS 2005 predicts that over the next five years total book industry revenues will increase 18.3 percent, paced by religious books with a 50 percent rise. Other growth areas are: mass market paperbacks, 16.9 percent; adult trade books, 12.3 percent, and professional books, 11.6 percent.

Part of the increase in higher revenues reflects the higher cost of books. But unit sales for 2004 rose 8.5%, according to the report. The Study Group predicts unit sales will increase by 6% or more through 2007.

Another important growth trend is in the elhi sales, expected to increase by 15% in 2005. Unit sales for elhi will increase by 12%, the report said. However, slower growth of 3.4% is expected in 2006, followed by similar growth each year through 2009.

The 250-page report is based on interviews with more than two dozen publishing professionals, as well as econometric datasets, annual reports and detailed financial analyses, along with U.S. Government reports and other resources.

Book Industry TRENDS has been tracking publishers’ dollar and unit sales for nearly 30 years. TRENDS 2005 includes five years of history and five years of projections and covers the years 1999 through 2009

The Book Industry Study Group, Inc. is the industry’s leading trade association for policy, standards and research. The member-driven organization uniquely represents all segments of our industry, from publishers and e-publishers to paper manufacturers, libraries, authors, printers, wholesalers, retailers, and e-tailers, as well as organizations concerned with the book community as a whole.

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