February 11 – February 18, 2010 Edition

Wattpad User Report Shows Rapid E-Book Growth in Fourth Quarter

TORONTO, CANADA/AUTHORINK NEWS/02/11/10–E-book consumption grew in excess of 50% in the fourth quarter of 2009, and Mobile consumption grew even faster than PC consumption, according to the Global E-book Metrics Report, just out from Wattpad, a popular e-book community. The report covers both PC and mobile e-book usage of its own subscribers and users from more than 160 countries. Eva Lau, COO of Wattpad announced the new user findings.

Among highlights in the study:

Wattpad mobile usage continued to grow rapidly. Subscribers now come from 600 mobile operators in more than 160 countries with cumulative downloads of over 5 million. The combination of the four major English speaking countries -US, UK, Canada and Australia – contributed to almost half of the total e-book consumption in Q4 followed by Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesia. US was the global leader in total ebook consumption (34%). Java devices remained the most popular in mobile ebook consumption. In particular, usage of Java devices in Asia experienced a 75% quarter to quarter growth – even faster than the iPhones growth in English speaking countries (21% quarter to quarter).

Android was the fastest growing segment among all mobile devices in ebook consumption. Android was growing at a pace of 260% quarter to quarter.

Visit to access the full Q4 2009 report. In addition to its website, the organization also has a mobile site. The Wattpad application is available on most mobile devices including Apple iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and more.