Stanford University Press continues to expand their reach and impact in the academic space with Ingram Content Group’s distribution network. Stanford University Press is now using CoreSource®, Ingram’s digital asset management and distribution platform, to increase their digital presence in the academic market.

In November, Stanford University Press signed with Ingram Academic Services, Ingram’s distribution service geared towards the unique needs of academic publishers. The addition of Ingram’s CoreSource taps into the unique offerings to quickly connect to libraries, handle complex pricing, and implement digital rental pricing, as well as CoreSource’s superior reach to all markets.

“We’ve been exploring the various services of CoreSource, and especially the integration of features across the range of Ingram products. From ebook deliveries and digital asset management to print-on-demand via Lightning Source, for both inventory and marketing, the range of options has transformed almost all aspects of our business,” said Alan Harvey, director of Stanford University Press.

CoreSource offers management and distribution technology for metadata and files, with one of the world’s largest distribution networks, making it simple for publishers to effectively reach a larger, global audience and sell more physical, digital and audio books. With over 430 available business partners, Stanford can continue focusing on their efforts to identify and grow their authors and title collection, while Ingram works on the logistics of effective distribution.

“Stanford University Press works with some of the brightest individuals. Their must-have titles cover everything from finance and security to business and history,” said Marcus Woodburn, vice president of digital products at Ingram Content Group. “University and academic publishers challenge citizens to continue to learn and question. We’re thrilled to help Stanford, along with 40+ university presses and many more academic publishers, to reach even more readers and increase their sales.”


Ingram Content Group (“Ingram”) is comprised of several subsidiaries to Nashville-based Ingram Industries Inc. Ingram includes a comprehensive suite of publishing industry services companies that offer numerous solutions, including physical book distribution, print-on-demand and digital services. Committed to the success of its partners, Ingram works closely with publishers, retailers, librarians and schools around the world to provide them with the right products and services to help them succeed in the dynamic and increasingly complex world of content publishing and distribution. Ingram’s operating units are Ingram Book Group LLC, Ingram Publisher Services LLC, Lightning Source LLC, VitalSource Technologies LLC, Verba Software, Inc., Ingram Library Services LLC and Tennessee Book Company LLC.

About Stanford University Press
Stanford University Press publishes 140 scholarly and trade books a year across the humanities, social sciences, law, and business. Chartered in 1892 with the founding of Stanford University, the Press is one of the leading American university presses, and has an active back list of nearly 4,000 titles. Their newest imprint, Redwood Press, publishes intellectually stimulating books written for a trade audience.