INDIANAPOLIS/April 29, 2013 — The Society of Professional Journalists gladly recognizes the recipients of the Sigma Delta Chi Awards, which recognize exceptional professional journalism produced in 2012.

Judges selected 84 honorees from nearly 1,700 submissions. Entries included selections from television and radio broadcasts, newspapers, online news outlets and magazines.

The Sigma Delta Chi Awards date back to 1932, when the Society honored six individuals for their contributions to journalism. The current program began in 1939 as the Distinguished Service Awards.

Prominent veteran journalists serve as SDX Awards judges. Judges may withhold an award if they determine no entry merits recognition, and any categories not listed below have no winner.

Links to the winning works are provided on the Sigma Delta Chi Awards section of The online version of this release has been posted to SPJ News.

Contact Director of Awards Lauren Rochester with any questions: and 317.927.8000 ext. 210.

Founded in 1909 as Sigma Delta Chi, SPJ promotes the free flow of information vital to a well-informed citizenry; works to inspire and educate the next generation of journalists; and protects First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and press. For more information about SPJ, please visit

2012 Sigma Delta Chi Award Honorees


Deadline Reporting (Daily Circulation of 100,001+)

Superstorm Sandy — Staff

The Wall Street Journal

Deadline Reporting (Daily Circulation of 50,001-100,000)

Superstorm Sandy at the Jersey Shore — Staff

Asbury Park Press

Deadline Reporting (Daily Circulation of 1-50,000)

Former soldier held in deaths — Mark Collette

Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Deadline Reporting (Non-Daily Publication)

Death Trap — Michael E. Miller

Miami New Times

Non-Deadline Reporting (Daily Circulation of 100,001+)

Zero Day — Robert O'Harrow, Jr

The Washington Post

Non-Deadline Reporting (Daily Circulation of 50,001-100,000)

Storm of Money — Tony Bartelme

The Post and Courier

Non-Deadline Reporting (Daily Circulation of 1-50,000)

The atrocity of forced, live organ harvesting in China — Matthew Robertson

The Epoch Times

Non-Deadline Reporting (Non-Daily Publication)

Exclusive Interview With Hamas — Larry Cohler-Esses


Investigative Reporting (Daily Circulation of 100,001+)

Prognosis: Profits — Ames Alexander, Karen Garloch, Joseph Neff and David Raynor

The News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer

Investigative Reporting (Daily Circulation of 50,001-100,000)

Cash Crop — Marc Perrusquia

The Commercial Appeal

Investigative Reporting (Daily Circulation of 1-50,000)

No Small Thing — Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Poughkeepsie Journal

Investigative Reporting (Non-Daily Publication)

Exposing abuse and coverups at Yeshiva University. — Paul Berger


Feature Reporting (Daily Circulation of 100,001+)

Never Let Go — Kelley Benham

Tampa Bay Times

Feature Reporting (Daily Circulation of 50,001-100,000)

Tempest in My Soul — Joan Garrett

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Feature Reporting (Daily Circulation of 1-50,000)

12-14-12 — Staff

The News-Times

Feature Reporting (Non-Daily Publication)

The Battle of Remington Lane — Terrence McCoy

Houston Press

Washington Correspondence

Capitol Assets — David S. Fallis, Scott Higham, Kimberly Kindy and Dan Keating

The Washington Post

Foreign Correspondence

Honduras — Alberto Arce

The Associated Press

Public Service Journalism (Daily Circulation of 100,001+)

Forensic Science — Spencer S. Hsu

The Washington Post

Public Service Journalism (Daily Circulation of 50,001-100,000)

Children in peril — Marisa Kwiatkowski

The Times of Northwest Indiana

Public Service Journalism Writing (Daily Circulation of 1-50,000)

Making a difference in the life of Every Child — Staff

Springfield News-Leader

Public Service Journalism (Non-Daily Publication)

Fire and failure: the Waldo Canyon tragedy — Pam Zubeck

Colorado Springs Independent

General Column Writing (Daily Circulation of 100,001+)

Jim Dwyer

The New York Times

General Column Writing (Daily circ. 1-100,000/Non-Daily Publication)

Steve Matrazzo

The Dundalk Eagle

Sports Column Writing (Daily Circulation of 100,001+)

Tom Archdeacon

Dayton Daily News

Sports Column Writing (Daily Circulation of 1-100,000/Non-Daily Publication)

Matt Calkins

The Columbian

Editorial Writing (Daily Circulation of 100,001+)

Tom Condon, Maura Casey, Henry McNulty and Robert K. Schrepf

The Hartford Courant

Editorial Writing (Daily Circulation of 1-100,000/Non-Daily Publication)

War on coal — Jamie Lucke

Lexington Herald-Leader


Magazine Writing (National Circulation)

The Yankee Comandante — David Grann

The New Yorker

Magazine Writing (Regional/Local Circulation)

New York vs. Boston: The End Game — Neil Swidey

The Boston Globe Magazine

Magazine Investigative Reporting (National Circulation)

Duping the Donors — David Evans

Bloomberg Markets

Magazine Investigative Reporting (Regional/Local Circulation)

Crime, No Punishment — Lilly Rockwell

Florida Trend

Public Service in Magazine Journalism (National Circulation)

Poisoned System — Stephanie Armour, John Lippert and Michael Smith

Bloomberg Markets

Public Service in Magazine Journalism (Regional/Local Circulation)

Life On the List — Emily DePrang

The Texas Observer


Breaking News Photography (Newspaper Circulation 100,001+) or Affiliated Website/National Magazine

Death at a Birthday Party — Michael DeMocker Times-Picayune

Breaking News Photography (Newspaper Cir. 1-100,000/Regional Magazine/ Non-Daily Publication)

Tropical Storm Debby — Brad McClenny

The Gainesville Sun

Feature Photography (Newspaper Circulation of 100,001+) or Affiliated Website/National Magazine

Beyond 7 Billion — Rick Loomis

Los Angeles Times

Feature Photography (Newspaper Cir. 1-100,000/Regional Magazine/ Non-Daily Publication)

Tom Douglas — Marcus Donner

Puget Sound Business Journal

Sports Photography (Newspaper Circulation of 100,001+) or Affiliated Website/National Magazine

Gift of Gabby — Peter Read Miller

Sports Illustrated

Sports Photography (Newspaper Cir. 1-100,000/Regional Magazine/ Non-Daily Publication) Saturday Bloody Saturday — Doug Finger

The Gainesville Sun

Informational Graphics (Newspaper Circulation of 100,001+) or Affiliated Website/National Magazine

Conventional Wisdom — Don Morris, Lee Glynn, Steve Madden and Darla Cameron

Tampa Bay Times

Informational Graphics (Newspaper Cir. 1-100,000/Regional Magazine/ Non-Daily Publication)

Tragedy on I-75 — Staff

The Gainesville Sun

Editorial Cartooning (Newspaper Circulation of 100,001+) or Affiliated Website/National Magazine

Scott Stantis

Chicago Tribune

Editorial Cartooning (Newspaper Cir. 1-100,000/Regional Magazine/ Non-Daily Publication)

Phil Hands

Wisconsin State Journal


Breaking News Reporting (Market 1-100 or Network Syndication)

Los Angeles VA Has Made Millions on Rental Deals — Ina Jaffe, Quinn O’Toole and Steven Drummond


Feature Reporting (Market 1-100 or Network Syndication)

The weight of the city's violence, on one school principal — Linda Lutton, Cate Cahan and Sally Eisele

WBEZ Chicago Public Media

Feature Reporting (Market 101+)

My Cancer — Lance Orozco


Investigative Reporting (Market 101+)

Naming the Fralin — Sandy Hausman

WVTF and Radio IQ

Investigative Reporting (Market 1-100 or Network Syndication)

Shell's Arctic Oil-Spill Gear ‘Crushed Like A Beer Can’ — John Ryan and Jim Gates


Documentaries (Market 1-100 or Network Syndication)

As Black as We Wish to Be — Lu Olkowski, Laura Spero, Taki Telonidis and Al Letson

NPR's State of the Re:Union distributed by PRX

Documentaries (Market 101+)

Winds of Change — Pat Duggins, Ryan Vasquez, Maggie Martin and Stan Ingold

Alabama Public Radio

Public Service in Radio Journalism (Market 1-100 or Network Syndication)

If it's legal: Five ways legal pot could affect your life — KPLU News Staff

KPLU Public Radio

Public Service in Radio Journalism (Market 101+)

State struggled at fire prevention ahead of Manorville blaze — Charles Lane, Naomi Starobin

WSHU Public Radio


Breaking News Coverage (Network/Syndication Service/Program Service)

Hurricane Sandy — Staff

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

Breaking News Coverage (Large-Market Station: 1-50 market)

Chardon School Shooting —Staff


Breaking News Coverage (Small-Market Station: 50+ market)

Hubig's Pie Factory Fire — Travers Mackel, Bryan McCann, Keith Bliven and Jonathan Shelley


Feature Reporting (Network/Syndication Service/Program Service)

The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, “On The Road” — Steve Hartman and Miles Doran

CBS Evening News

Feature Reporting (Large-Market Station: 1-50 market)

Ali's Guiding Lights— Joe Fryer, Matt Mrozinski, Pete Cassam, Eric Wold


Feature Reporting (Small-Market Station: 50+ market)

Who Are Those Guys? — Eric Hanson & Glen Biermann


Investigative Reporting (Network/Syndication Service/Program Service)

Crossing the Line at the Border— John Larson, John Carlos Frey, Brian Epstein & Marc Rosenwasser

Need to Know/WNET in partnership with The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute

Investigative Reporting (Large-Market Station: 1-50 market)

Critical Delays: Dallas County’s Response to the West Nile Epidemic — Scott Friedman, Eva Parks, Peter Hull, Shane Allen


Investigative Reporting (Small-Market Station: 50+ market)

Got Guardrails — Jordan Williams, Israel Alfaro and Jenny Martinez


Documentaries (Network/Syndication Service/Program Service)

Semper Fi: Always Faithful — Staff


Documentaries (Large-Market Station: 1-50 market)

Heat and Harvest — Mark Schapiro, Serene Fang, Gabriela Quiros and Craig Miller

KQED and the Center for Investigative Reporting

Documentaries (Small-Market Station: 50+ market)

Disappearing Defenses — John Snell and Paul Rodgers


Public Service in Television Journalism (Network/Syndication Service/Program Service)

ENDGAME: AIDS in Black America — Renata Simone


Public Service in Television Journalism (Large-Market Station: 1-50 market)

Guessing Pensions: San Jose's Fuzzy Math — Jenna Susko, Julie Putnam and Mark Villarreal


Public Service in Television Journalism (Small-Market Station: 50+ market)

Newtok: Village on the Edge — Rhonda McBride and Eric Sowl

KTUU-TV, Channel 2-Anchorage


Public Service in Newsletter Journalism

The Ugly Side of the U.S. Oil and Gas Boom — Brian Hansen

The McGraw-Hill Companies/Platts


Research About Journalism

Out of the News: Former Journalists Discuss a Profession in Crisis — Celia Viggo Wexler


Deadline Reporting (Affiliated)

All Clear: CSU Fullerton Lockdown Lifted — Olsen Ebright, Melissa Pamer, Samantha Tata and Vikki Vargas

NBC4 Southern California

Deadline Reporting (Independent)

SCOTUSblog’s coverage of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act —Staff


Non-Deadline Reporting (Affiliated)

Mass Shootings Coverage — Mark Follman, Gavin Aronsen and Deanna Pan

Mother Jones

Non-Deadline Reporting (Independent)

Hard Labor — Jim Morris, Chris Hamby and Ronnie Greene

Center for Public Integrity

Investigative Reporting (Affiliated)

Big Sky, Big Money — Staff

WGBH/FRONTLINE, ProPublica and Marketplace

Investigative Reporting (Independent)

Skin & Bone: The Shadowy Trade in Human Body Parts — International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Center for Public Integrity

Public Service in Online Journalism (Affiliated)

Beef's Raw Edges — Mike McGraw and Alan Bavley

Kansas City Star

Public Service in Online Journalism (Independent)

Mystery in the Fields — Sasha Chavkin, Anna Barry-Jester and Ronnie Greene

Center for Public Integrity

Online Column Writing (Affiliated)

Chrystia Freeland


Online Column Writing (Independent)

Technology in the First Person — Bianca Bosker

The Huffington Post

Digital Audio

Taken For a Ride in Jerusalem — Daniel Estrin

Tablet Magazine

Digital Video

Fertile Ground — Thanh Tan, Emily Ramshaw and Justin Dehn

Texas Tribune

Audio Slide Show

Suburban junkies

Center for Investigative Reporting, KQED and independent reporters and producers

Specialized Journalism Site

Black Gold Boom — Todd Melby, Prairie Public, Zeega and AIR